Critical Reflexion program

Critical Reflexion program

Les Territoires is a non-profit art center for the dissemination and analysis of emerging art and new practices. It aims to enable emerging artists to develop their careers, facilitate their integration into the art market and to support them in their various artistic events.


Programming space Territories consists of three exposure programs:
1 – The program MAP (Mentoring for professional artists emerging practices) a program of exhibitions and mentoring projects and call for artists and jury / or commissioners for emerging and established artists wishing a laboratory of exploration in the gallery (70% of programming)
2 – An international exchange program (15% of programming)
3 – A program of exhibitions ” critical thinking “(15% of programming).

The MAP program provides artists the essential tools for starting and developing their careers. It focuses on three areas:
• dissemination and media, police
• critical thinking
• entrepreneurial culture.

The changes in our relationship to information and the formats we use to transmit it have altered our rapport to knowledge. The open source at once grants immediate access to data and democratizes knowledge, often resulting in a loss of references. On the one hand, this signifies the end of a hierarchical system; on the other hand, this loss can lead us to a world of infinite possibilities. The author and the artist are now called to redefine their work in terms of the blurring boundaries between different practices, leading us to believe that the vertical chain of industrial and traditional production has become obsolete. What is the significance and importance of the an artisanal and patented work when the author can write, edit, publish and broadcast his work without difficulty and where the artist can exhibit his works internationally via the internet? The exhibit Livre imaginé is as much a reflexion on art practices today as it is a statement on the future.

Livre imaginé: source ouverte 2013 is a collaborative project produced in partnership with l’aire libre ( and the NT2 research group.

The exhibits curated in the critical reflexion program are group exhibits. The CARFAC/RAAV fee will be paid out to the participating artists. The curator will also be paid for his/her work.

Your submission should include :

– exhibition proposal related to the theme Livre imaginé : source ouverte 2013 (500 words)
the project proposal should be consistent with the proposed problematic;
– initial list of the artists and the works you wish to present;
– 10 to 15 jpegs of the proposed works and an image inventory list;
– Curriculum vitae including the contact address and email of the curator;

Please send your project proposal by email :

Les Territoires is a non-profit art centre that presents and promotes all art practices and encourages the exchange of ideas between various art world actors. The exhibits of the Critical reflection program take on an original outlook on emerging art practices and the way in which they recount our society and times. By organizing these exhibits, Les Territoires helps maintain the ties between the art world and academic research.

Les Territoires announces the second edition of the Critical Reflexion program, which invites emerging curators to submit a proposal for the exhibition project Livre imaginé: source ouverte 2013 that will take place during the winter 2014 season (March/April). The deadline to submit a proposal is December 10, 2012.

Or visit:


About Art Selectronic

Art Selectronic is an artist-led initiative, that supports grass-roots contemporary art that remains unswayed by fashion, trends or the whims of government funding. The project involves ongoing research into the placing of contemporary art, it’s audiences and it’s relationship to the everyday. We place great emphasis on context. Our mission is to support new works of contemporary art and foster an audience from a wide range of backgrounds.
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