Disjecta Call for Curator-In-Residence

Disjecta Call for Curator-In-Residence

Portland, Oregon-based Disjecta Contemporary Art Center is accepting proposals for a curatorin-residence for its 2013-2014 exhibition season.

DISJECTA Contemporary Art Center builds ambitious programs that promote artists and engage communities. DISJECTA aspires to present forward-thinking work from visual and performing artists. We provide a professional platform in which artists can realize their best work and engage new audiences. Dynamic programs showcase new work and fuel collaborations between artists, curators, and viewers that impact and intervene in the larger contemporary arts dialogue. DISJECTA exacts equal rigor from local and national artists, while recognizing and supporting the talent of the region. There reach extends far beyond the arts and encompasses the true essence of a cultural facility: A place where ideas, dialogue, creativity and diversity flourish.

Disjecta houses an expansive exhibition space for the presentation of vital visual and
performing arts at the local, regional, national and international level that speaks to the region’s diverse interests, talents and identities.

The Curator-in-Residence program is the first of its kind in the region. Supported in part by a grant from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the CIR program provides an opportunity for emerging local and national curatorial talent to develop and expand the scope of their practice through a one-year residency. During their residency, curators engage with a broad range of artists to create a series of exhibitions in Disjecta’s dynamic 3,500-square-foot space.

Throughout the season (September 2013 through August 2014) the curator-in-residence will organize a series of five to six exhibitions. At least three of these must highlight regional artists of the Pacific Northwest. The nature of Disjecta’s exhibition space and mission encourages contemporary work that is installation-based, specific to the site or project-based. Disjecta encourages artists and guest curators to challenge themselves and viewers, to take intelligent risks, and to expand definitions of discipline.
Proposals are due to Disjecta on Sunday, January 4, 2013 Midnight PST.

Please forward application materials to Bryan Suereth at bryan@disjecta.org

For more information, visit http://www.disjecta.org.

Curator-in-Residence program - Disjecta Contemporary Art Center


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Art Selectronic is an artist-led initiative, that supports grass-roots contemporary art that remains unswayed by fashion, trends or the whims of government funding. The project involves ongoing research into the placing of contemporary art, it’s audiences and it’s relationship to the everyday. We place great emphasis on context. Our mission is to support new works of contemporary art and foster an audience from a wide range of backgrounds.
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