Objecta Europa

Objecta Europa

To get humankind to do the impossible, it seems like you have to have impossible expectations. Like so many great leaps for mankind, getting a human to one of Jupiter’s moons must begin with a small step. And Objective Europa is aiming to do exactly that. A small team—architects, futurist designers, private space pioneers are beginning the planning stage to send human beings on a one-way trip to the Jovian moon Europa.

The Objective Europa effort is headed up by Kristian von Bengtson, the founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals, an open source DIY space program based in his native Denmark. And he’s quite serious about transporting a man or woman beyond our atmosphere, Mars and the asteroid belt.

Before they launch any spacecraft, they’re launching a crowd-researching campaign. Objective Europa will be an open research phase of a crewed mission to Europa – someone has to start the work on this. There will be topics for open research, new topics to be suggested, concepts sketches to be made, and forum discussion to be begun – everyone serious who finds this project interesting may join us.

While it isn’t Jupiter’s biggest moon, lately Europa has been getting all of the attention. The NASA probes that flew through the Jovian system in the ‘70s revealed that ice-covered Europa is one of the smoothest objects in the galaxy. Despite being over five times farther from the Sun than the Earth, scientists speculate that beneath the icy surface of Europa, there might be liquid oceans, warmed by underwater volcanoes and friction from the pull of Jupiter’s gravity.

And where there’s liquid water, there’s the possibility of finding life. This has NASA eager to launch a probe as soon as 2022 to check it out and also has Objective Europa eager to send people there.

“It’s the one body in the solar system that has the biggest potential for extraterrestrial life,” said von Bengtson. “It’s where you want to go.”

He explained, “You can’t go to Venus because there’s 93 bars of pressure and acid rain. Forget about it. Mars is just so last millennium. It’s just boring; it’s desert. So where else to go? The next step is Jupiter and there you’ve got this beautiful ice planet.”

You can’t apply to go farther—and inevitably to die farther away—than anyone ever has before quite yet. They’re not leaving in the next decade, but maybe 30 years from now? Maybe 50? “If nobody start this research, you’re not going to go anywhere,” said von Bengtson. “So hopefully that’s what this project can begin.”

Participation is based on volunteering dedicated work. The project are currently looking for someone to take charge of these tasks:

– 3d artist.
– Finishing our report template.
– Continuous proofreading of our site.
– Forum moderator.
– Legal matters.
– Scientists to work relevant topics for this mission to be researched by other.
– Simply joining us if you have something else to offer the project.

If you are interested in participating in general research on the crewed mission, you should wait with contacting us until the page is launched.
Expected launch date ultimo Aug 2013.

Contact them at : contact@objective-europa.com



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