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Visual Echo: A Study of Objects & Bodies In Motion

From chronophotographic developments, cinematography and silent film of moving images were invented. In the work Blitz, contemporary digital artist Tom Estes reverses this process turning film back into photography.  Blitz, depicts an individual being thrown through the air by a lightning bolt. Even … Continue reading

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Jorge Luis Borges’s infinite ‘Library of Babel’ has been digitized

Annunciation by contemporary artist Tom Estes In this day and age you can order anything online and receive it in two days or less.  You can start a new book with a simple click. Libraries have always had a special place in the … Continue reading

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Climate Change Is Not Science Fiction

  Operational since 1982, The Thames Barrier is located downstream of central London. The concept of the rotating gates was devised by (Reginald) Charles Draper in the 1950s.  Built across a 520-metre (570 yd) wide stretch of the river, the barrier … Continue reading

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