Startling Geodesic Art Installation By Ouchhh Explores Themes Of Particle Physics


Istanbul-based Ouchhh created AVA, a geodesic surface installation that serves as a convex screen for physics-inspired moving images. The stark black-and-white pulsing forms look especially impressive with one lone spectator in silhouette against AVA.

AVA V2 was featured at TEDxCERN 2016. The main inspiration for AVA V2 comes from experiments, their data results and visuals that focus on particle physics, and the name AVA is derived from the surface-volume shape coefficient. Using particle size measurements, AVA V2 reflects the changing image of powder characterization using particle size analysis and cosmic rays. Since it was a scientific project, we spent a lot of time during the research and development phase. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s iconic dome structure designs, we combined two mediums in one project: physics and architecture.

. AVA’s design originate from the Buckminster Fuller’s iconic dome structure. It has 360 traceable area from the exterior surface of the dome. Cosmic rays reinterpreted within the concept of AVA and the first version of the performance screened at Paris. AVA is a Commissioned Artwork and designed as a portable installation which can be transportable and positionable at any place.


AVA V2 is an installation that has the unique Ouchhh style. They had complete creative freedom for this project so their goal was to create a piece that integrated their main interests: art, science and technology. The production schedule was a 6 month process, inwhich they were successful in covering a 360 degree hemisphere with a projection on a Opque type fabric. They came up with the idea of designing an installation on particle physics while doing research on other projects. AVA V2 could be thought as a follow up to V1, building upon our designs and focusing more on the particle concept.

Ouchhh strives to find balance between art, science and technology in every work it creates. An innovative interdisciplinary creative hub with expertise in animation, motion graphics and public art, we are inspired by mathematics, nature, geology and the works of particle physicists, inventors and architects. Ferdi Alici was the director of the project. Concept design and creative direction was by Eylül Duranagac. 3D Generalist was done by Orhan Sayin, sound design by Audiofil. AVA V2 was a performance realized on a geodesic dome. This installation and its structure were designed with assembly/disassembly in mind, thus allowing the installation to be re-performed anywhere in the world in same conditions. This provides a temporal and spatial experience that integrated art, science and technology.

 Ouchhh  create outdoor A/V performances, video mapping projections, kinetic sculptures and immersive experiences that touch upon their belief in employing design principles based in nature and applying these to computational design. Ouchhh’s work has screened at Google, CERN, National Space Center UK, Hong Kong, Rome, Montreal, USA and have won multiple awards and critical acclaim.



About Art Selectronic

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