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The Illusion Of Complexity – Neuroactivity And Complex Behaviour

  Nature gives us a lot of examples of complex behavior emerging from the interaction of many individuals. The members of an ant colony are capable of a wide variety of complex behaviors: finding and transporting food, constructing elaborate underground … Continue reading

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Real-Life Lightsaber That Burns Through Things

Ever since the first Star Wars movie hit our cinema screens in 1977, children and adults alike who were enthralled with the amazing film have dreamed of owning their own Lightsaber. A crazy laser enthusiast has actually built his own … Continue reading

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Own Your Own Robby the Robot

Robby the Robot is a fictional robot and early science fiction icon, first appearing in the 1956 MGM movie Forbidden Planet. Robby the Robot was a 7-foot (2.1 m) tall fictional robot originally created in the mid-1950s by MGM’s prop … Continue reading

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LARS: Lethal Autonomous Robotics

 A new report from the United Nations Human Rights Commission suggests that weapons systems that can attack targets without any human input need to be regulated before they become the military weapons of the future.  Airborne drones are becoming commonplace, especially in … Continue reading

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Strange Archaeology

Lars Homestead cutaway. After filming finished on the original Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, in 1976, the domed Lars homestead was left to decay in Tunisia, North Africa.  This desert location was used in 1976 to film Starwars. … Continue reading

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Coventry Mysteries Festival 2013‏

Blitz, an installation by Tom Estes will be shown at Coventry Mysteries Festival 2013, an updated medieval spectacle that retells the Christian story from Creation to Doomsday.  Coventry was an important centre of the cloth trade and throughout the Middle Ages was one … Continue reading

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Teaching Your Fingers to See – Interactive Stations

Image: Olga Feldman Linzza – An Anatomy of a Hand Wondering how a surgeon masters his craft or a GP diagnose through palpation? The answer seems to be to try your hand at cutting-edge medical simulation. A study of machines used to … Continue reading

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